Paystub Calculator Maker Pro App Reviews

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Great app

Thanks for this great app

Need some improvements

This app is ok, for 4$ you can’t complain much But if there was a way to go into saved pay stubs to edit them that would be awesome! And would save me tons of time!! As well as the auto calculation, if there was a button to choose how many months or years at job would be great. It has an auto calculator but it don’t let you choose how long.

Great payroll tool

Thanks to this great company

Ytd calculate wrong

I can’t change it manually

Great app

Work verification yay

Great app

For auto purchase income proof

Not to bad

Based on the reviews I was afraid to get this app but I really needed something with this function and nothing else seemed to provide what I needed to I took a chance. So far it is alright. It crashes ever time I try to print but that is not an option I need. My company is totally paperless so email is what I needed. I can email pay stubs to my employees. It would be better if I could rename the saved stubs although I guess I can send them to myself and save them in each employee file. Also if I could save employees instead of retyping all of their information over and over. Perhaps a way to save this to the cloud. I’m sure I’m asking too much. If I had those three things I’d give it 5 stars. Of course all this with out crashing is a necessity. Thanks.


The ytd changes when you save it.

Good app

Does a good job, it use to save on iPhone X doesn’t now, also the year to date doesn’t change right


Works to develop one pay stub but to generate more than one and to change the YTD numbers is impossible. Bummed I paid for this.

Not working

Come on the app does not work why do you make people pay for it if it's not gonna work


I have contractors on 1099s I do not take out taxes. App has contractor tab but still makes deductions no matter what I press. There is no way to pay people on different rates for hours on same paycheck eg $16.50 for 20 hours for weeding and $11.00 for 3 hours for digging ditches. It will not work for my business until its fixed.

Needed tweets

Need to add more pay options "mileage" and "Percentage" option. Give option for auto tax for contractors because they are responsible for paying own taxes. Add miscellaneous for pay to cover everything else food,tolls, reimbursement etc.. App will be the best 👍

Quick and easy

The date is not correct format should be MM/DD/YYYY NOT DD/MM/YYYY ALSO " Social" is spelled incorrectly in Social Security deductions Make these tweaks and it's 5 stars

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